What, you were expecting a blog?  Not here, and not now.  Maybe someday.

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I've been trying to improve my photography over the last few years, ever since getting a digital camera.  I feel like I'm trying to prove the infinite monkey theory, pictorially speaking ( ).  If I take enough pictures, eventually some of them will turn out OK.  I've collected a few of my best efforts; check them out and let me know what you think.

Mark's Best Pictures

I use Jasc Media Center Plus to generate my photo galleries.  If you use it too, and would like to use my template, I'm willing to share.  Just unzip this file to your MCML folder in a sub folder called Brushed Frame.

Speaking of Jasc Media Center Plus, I'm sure you're aware that it is no longer an active product.  If you've been using it heavily, you may have a lot invested in your album organization, comments, and keywords.  You may also be a little worried about what will happen when it's time to move on.  Here's a little app I developed to export an album to a text file, if you ever need access to the information in another program.


This is NOT an installer file, this is the entire program.  Just copy it to any spot on your disk and run it directly.  You can also drag it with a right-click to your Start menu, using the Create Shortcut option.

Want to know the latest about digital cameras?  Here's a site I highly recommend:

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